Issue 1472

27 Feb 2023
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Till death do they part
In their Wigan rehearsal rooms the Lathums tell Richard Smirke why they believe their brand of melodic indie can take them to the heights achieved by the Killers, who they supported last year. But they can’t explain the crate of cabbages on the floor. And in a musical two-parter The Slow Readers Club from Manchester tell Gary Ryan what it’s like to be a working class band in an industry that doesn’t invest in talent.

Spinning around
Journalist turned PR man Andy Spinoza has been close to the action throughout incredible change in Manchester across 40 years. Neil Tague spoke to him about his new book Manchester Unspun.

Knowing me, knowing you
The League of Gentlemen’s Mark Gatiss and his husband Ian Hallard are behind a play about two fans who form an Abba tribute band. They tell Big Issue North that working with your other half doesn’t have to be part of the drama.


News, arts and entertainment, economist James Meadway on the real causes of food shortages, columnist Saskia Murphy on the need to let Nicola Bulley’s family grieve in peace – and more.