Issue 1476

27 Mar 2023
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Beats, grime and strife
They were pitted against each other in diss tracks and ended up finding a fan in Kim Kardashian. Soph Aspin and Millie B – two women who were once girls in the controversial grime scene – tell Gary Ryan how they’re reclaiming their story and their friendship.

The road for every Russian
Russia’s brutal bombardment of Ukraine is in its second year yet Vladimir Putin faces almost no internal dissent. Roger Ratcliffe talks to the author of a book explaining why.

Reward and re-traumatisation
Recruit people with lived experience, they say. People who’ve been homeless understand others in their position. There’s no doubt this is true but what’s it like for workers in the homelessness sector to be reminded of their own plight on a daily basis? By Jessica Brown.


News from the spy cops inquiry, arts and entertainment, actor David Harewood’s letter to his younger self, and more.