Issue 1292

24 Jun 2019
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Migrant women who live in Manchester, from countries including Syria, Greece, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Poland and Tibet, have been learning English through sharing their cooking. Cook, Eat, Write, Share is a recipe book that, co-founder Clare Courtney says, creates a story for each recipe that sits within the women’s own narrative.

It turns out it’s really useful to be frightening, to have an apocalyptic message, says Gail Bradbrook as she shares the personal story of what inspired her to help found the anti-climate change movement Extinction Rebellion. She also reveals what non-violent civil disobedience is next on the agenda.

Moors than just a pretty face… The Pennine hills supply water for kitchen taps and clean air. On the first anniversary of last year’s disastrous moorland fires, learn how volunteers and officials have come together to mend our landscape and protect our eco-system.

In arts and entertainment, Manchester International Festival will kick off next month so Big Issue North has provided you with eight of its top picks.

Linford Christie, former World and Olympic 100m champion sprinter, writes our Letter to my Younger Self. He delves into his Jamaican roots, experience with racism upon moving to Britain, and his rivalry with America’s Carl Lewis.