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  • Jayne on Christina, Birkenhead
    01 Sep 2017 20:46
    I have seen Christina a few times in Birkenhead but I only recently had the opportunity to speak with her. She is such a lovely lady and I admire her strength of character and everything she does to support her family. I'm not often in the area but when I am I will make sure to take the time to chat with her and buy the latest edition. I find it heartbreaking to see the number of people who just walk on by (something I myself have been guilty of in the past) without acknowledging her. It takes but a brief moment to say hello, give a smile and make her feel that yes, she is important, as important as the rest of us and that she is making a difference, to herself, her family, and to those who have met her. And I hope that we will look at Christina and appreciate her for everything that she does for her family, and in turn, we will appreciate everything that we have, no matter how small.

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