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About the New Issue

The New Issue is a quarterly magazine, which contains real stories – beautifully told. It offers stunning photography combined with high-quality independent writing, covering everything from changing landscapes and social issues to lifestyle and fiction. It’s a long read, something to take time over and savour.

While The New Issue is sold directly to subscribing individuals and businesses, its ethos remains that of Big Issue North. All profits from sales of the new publication go back into supporting the people who sell Big Issue North on the streets, creating more opportunities for people not currently earning an income, and facing homelessness or vulnerable living situations.

As well as its beautiful aesthetic, clear social purpose and broad editorial remit, the other thing that sets The New Issue apart is what isn’t in it – advertising.  It means the content of the magazine is truly independent. It’s beholden to no one, but the peoples whose stories are told, and its readers.

Who is The New Issue for?

It’s for people who want to know more about the world around them, and who value the permanence and beauty that The New Issue offers in an increasingly transient world. Equally, it’s for people who want to make responsible, ethical purchasing decisions, at a time when so much of what we consume can be bound up in unethical, irresponsible consequences.

It’s for organisations that have a customer base that value the kind of insightful content that we provide, bound up in an aspirational, coffee-table package. Equally, it’s for organisations with a clear sense of social responsibility, who recognise their place in their communities, and the importance of taking every opportunity to do good and change lives.

How to subscribe

Pay upfront

Annual subscriptions and single issues of The New Issue are available on our online shop.

Spread the cost

Spread the cost of The New Issue through annual or ongoing subscriptions, with a direct debit taken from your bank account every three months.

If you want to buy The New Issue as a gift, or have it sent to a different address to your billing address, you’ll have that option once you’ve set up the direct debit.

Subscribe as an organisation

Subscriptions to The New Issue cost £40 a year. To discuss taking multiple subscriptions for your organisation, contact George Wright on 07870 509 965 or george.wright@bigissuenorth.com.

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