Paul O'Grady:
Paint it black

Such was their friendship that Paul O’Grady once punched out someone who was getting fruity with Cilla Black. So it’s fitting that he’s the new presenter of a reboot of Blind Date

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  • miss susan jhonston on Lewis, St Johns Shopping Centre, Preston
    06 Jun 2017 21:13
    i went to buy a copy off the big issue of a man outside st georges shopping centre preston, the guy i bought it from was very polite and so gratfull for my support.
  • Mark Gilmore on Why Don’t We Just… talk more about loneliness?
    06 Jun 2017 14:45
    I am a vendor{M/cr 032} and afther selling for over 10yrs i have learnt to read people's body language, the public will ask how i am, if i say i'm all-right then fine- if i say any-thing else like...

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