What it is to be human

It was the time when people first started moving to cities in large numbers and when the first coined money…

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Blog: Samuel Clemens – playing Sherlock Holmes

Playing Sherlock Holmes in this production is very personal to me for three reasons. Firstly, playing the famous detective is…

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Preview: The Lady of the Lake

The Lady of the Lake focuses on the final years of King Arthur’s reign. Old and weary he retires to…

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A day in the life of a vendor

Salford University graduates Daniel Reiss and Gavin Stewart have created an amazing short film about a day in the life…

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Vendor Week Video

February 2-8 2015 saw international Vendor Week organised by INSP – International Network of Street Papers. As part of this,…

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Trust Summer Newsletter out now!

In this season’s newsletter we’re bringing you more news from across our regions. You will find out how your donations…

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