“Cash or card?”: Augustin launches cashless payments

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By Jenny Legenstein
Since October 2023, Austrian street paper Augustin has offered cashless payments. This was all made possible by digitalisation project Augustina, funded by the Vienna Chamber of Labour (AK Wien).
“Yesterday, two people said they’d like to buy an Augustin but didn’t have change, only a debit card, and asked if I could give change from a €100 note,” says Jan Pisar, an Augustin vendor who sells the magazine at the Auhof Center.
“Many have no money on them, so it would be great if people could also buy the Augustin from me cashless. The investment will definitely be worth it.”
Susi Gollner, who sells next to a supermarket in Margareten, has never been asked about cashless payments. “I couldn’t care less about technology, and my customers always have cash on them,” she said a few months ago, though added that if someone wanted to buy from her digitally, “then of course I won’t refuse.”
As in the rest of the population, among Augustin vendors, you will find both fans and opponents of digital payments. Some think that “cash is king”, while others appreciate having both options.
Sand & Zeit Association, which supports, develops and manages the Augustin project, decided to offer, alongside cash, the ability to buy the paper on the street digitally.

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