Frank Sidebottom @ Kettlewell Scarecrow Festival

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We were deeply saddened by chris sievey / frank sidebottom’s passing away a couple of months ago, so we were really pleased to see such a great tribute from someone in kettlewell (there was also a little note of obituary too, along with a sign reading “frank sidebottom is permanately on tour”.


The Kettlewell Scarecrow festival takes place in the beautiful village of Kettlewell in the Yorkshire Dales annually in August.

It’s been taking place since 1994, originally to raise funds for the local school which serves much of wharfdale, and more recently also raising funds for the village church and village hall.

It demonstrates an amazing sense of local community – nearly all the villagers make and display scarecrows around the village (theres over 100 of them!) to produce a trail around the village (and a quiz for both adults and kids to complete as they go around if you like).

Very impressively done – we easily spent most of the day there, and it made for a really fun day out. The scenery around there is stunning too – gonna head back at some point for some landscape photography. We even ended up looking up house prices there when we got home!

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