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Take part in a unique guided walk across the famous sands, says Faye Grima

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Interactive arts trio Invisible Flock is inviting members of the public to take part in a unique walk across Morecambe Bay, accompanied by Cedric Robinson, the official Queen’s Guide to the Sands.

“Often when we walk, we forget where we are.”

The project aims to investigate how and why people walk. After previously tracking via GPS how and why more than 100 people walk, Invisible Flock members will relay those tales to the Morecambe Bay participants.

Despite the dangerous tides, people have crossed Morecambe Bay for centuries, but organisers say this will be a “unique experience, bringing a brand new dimension to the walk”.

“This walk will hopefully revive people’s imaginations and enjoy the beautiful coastline setting,” the organisers added.

Invisible Flock members also hope to create an interactive book about the experience, which will feature the stories retold throughout the event.

Alice Booth, producer for local arts venue Live at LICA added: “It’ll be quite a special occasion.”

Invisible Flock’s unique guided walks will take place on 8, 10, 22 and 24 September.

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Interactive walk

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