Vendors volunteer and build skills – Sheffield

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• We have had a new volunteer helping us to communicate with our Roma vendors. She has been coming in on a weekly basis since January and running drop-in sessions with Roma vendors and staff. The vendors she has worked with are grateful for the increased support they are receiving, and have made progress in renewing the various documents they require. We hope to continue this important source of language support.

•Two long-time Sheffield vendors have begun volunteering at the cathedral Archer Project. Both are showing a huge commitment by helping out every day. Phil helps out in the lounge area and the food stores. He has also volunteered at Access Space, a local charity for helping people develop their computer skills, and build their own computer. Vicky has started helping out with providing food parcels, and in the kitchen area. She is also started her NVQ in Health and Social Care, and has been very pro-active and motivated in attending confidentiality training, and discussing her coursework with BIITN staff.

• 2 vendors have won tickets to the Showroom cinema this week. Tickets had generously been donated at Christmas time and staff decided to put all vendors selling over 30 magazines in a week in a raffle. They were really pleased with their win and currently in the process of choosing a film to see.

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