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The Sheffield office is trialling some events pitches over the summer, in which vendors will be given the opportunity to work at one-off events in Sheffield and the surrounding areas. When an event pitch is secured it is advertised at the office and vendors can register their interest to be selected for to work it. They will be drawn at random and given a special ‘events vendor’ badge to be worn alongside their regular badge, indentifying them as a legitimate BIITN events vendor for the day.

This is a great opportunity for vendors to connect with the public in a different environment to the busy city centre. It also means the vendors who gets the job gets to enjoy the entertainment too.

Saturday and Sunday saw the first of these, with vendors being sent to work at the Peace in the Park festival and the DriftRun indie music festival. The events have attracted interest from many vendors and there is a lot of excitement at the office to see how successful the events pitches are, with many more planned over the summer.


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