Liverpool vendor gets back in the classroom

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Liverpool Lime Street Station vendor Morley left his Cornish high school at 15 years old with no qualifications having struggled through school because of a congenital hearing problem.

With great difficulty reading and writing he could only find work with travelling fairgrounds, building and dismantling roller coasters.

He said: “When I was 19 I was working on the fairs, taking down the equipment one day a chain snapped and I was injured, I ended up needing a metal rod in my spine and had severe damage to my hip and knees so I couldn’t work anymore.”

The event proved catastrophic for Morley, and he was forced to sleep rough and beg. He begged his way around the coastal towns of Britain, making his way north to Southport where a Police Officer suggested he try selling the magazine.

Having come to Liverpool over a year ago, Morley’s situation is picking up, “It was during my assessment to sell the magazine that they saw I was struggling reading and writing. It’s just been over a year but now I can read books, I like the James Bond novels.”

Morley now attends creative writing classes and has had his poetry and thoughts published in a magazine the group produce. He has also gained a First Aid certificate, which has boosted his confidence out on the streets. He added: “I’ve been beaten up in the past sleeping down by the docks, and I want to know what to do and how to look after myself if it happens again.”

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