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As the pop-punk sextet prepare to head out on a co-headline arena tour with All Time Low, guitarist Max Helyer reflects on their career so far. They play Manchester Arena, 13 Feb.

Cavalier Youth is a departure from some of your heavier material. Do you think you might return to that in the future?

It doesn’t really fit now after the progression we have made but heavy isn’t out of the equation totally. I think we do write some heavy sounding tunes, songs such as Win Some Lose Some and Room To Breathe. It depends on when we start writing the next record where everyone wants to take it – you just never know.

Are changes in direction key to longevity?

For our band to grow and adapt, we push our musical boundaries and see where it takes us. You can tell when you are on to a winner and the new songs influence the sound of the record overall and create a vibe to an album. We have always wanted to have a long career and we are 10 years in but want to carry on for another 10 years and even longer.

Will any of your stripped-backed material make an appearance in your live shows?

We always have discussions about this – sometimes we do, sometimes we don’t. I think it depends on the show or tour we are doing. Who knows? We might even do a show or tour of playing our stripped-back material.

What is your favourite song to perform live together?

At the moment I’m a big fan of playing Room to Breathe or Forgive and Forget. They produce two different effects live, which sums up our band. I love getting the crowd singing along together to “woahs” in Forgive and Forget to try and make it a memorable moment, while Room to Breathe shows the true musicianship in the band.

Given that you formed the band when some of you were as young as 14, are there any cringeworthy things out there you’d rather forget?
Some classic stuff that either makes you laugh your head off or go “why the bloody hell did I look like that?” I always think the earlier footage of us is funny but sometimes do question how the bloody hell we made it to where we are today.


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