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In Gifted Frank Adler is trying to raise his niece Mary and give her a happy and normal life as he promised his sister before she died. When it becomes evident that Mary is a child prodigy her grandmother seeks custody and takes her away from the uncle and normal life she loves so she can get the education and recognition she deserves. Both battle over what is best for Mary. At times heartwarming but overly predictable and melodramatic – despite some familiar faces such as Chris Evans (Captain America) and Octavia Spencer (Hidden Figures) – it’s the youngster McKenna Grace as Mary who steals the show.

You’d imagine a movie starring Chris Rock, Bill Connolly, Jerry Seinfeld, Sarah Silverman, Jamie Foxx, Frankie Boyle, Jo Brand, Steve Coogan, Amy Schumer and many more A-list comedians would be funnier. That’s not to say Dying Laughing isn’t funny but this documentary focuses on the ups and downs of a career in comedy. Don’t be expecting a series of one-liners and snippets from stand-up routines but you will gain insight about life on the road and what happens when even top comedians have a bad night.

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