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Will Michael Bay go out with a bang with Transformers: The Last Knight?

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Michael Bay must have been finally bingeing on his box sets of Game of Thrones as his robo-toy action franchise goes all medieval and fantasy – well, as much as it can – cramming knights and dragons into the CGI-laden explosion fest. Although mainly set a few years after the events of Age of Extinction, with the humans and Transformers still at war, Transformers: The Last Knight also tells Earth’s secret history of the robots in disguise throughout the ages, from their involvement in medieval battles to world wars. Full disclosure: I fell asleep watching Age of Extinction, the franchise’s bloated attempt to go Jurassic Park, but the first three movies were a bit of a guilty pleasure – entertaining enough, full of action and nostalgia ridden. For a set of movies based on toys from the 1980s what can you expect? Although Bay has said this is his last time directing, the franchise will no doubt continue. Let’s hope he goes out with a bang (cue excessive explosions).

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