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Stephen King’s It gets a modern reboot this week. Twenty-seven years since Tim Curry terrorised audiences as Pennywise the clown, the timing is almost ideal for the cinematic return of the malevolent demon who preys on children every 30 years. Nevertheless, the first of this two part franchise is set in the 1980s. While the original book and TV mini series covers the childhood and adult lives of the “losers’ club” the new movie only deals with the misfit group’s first encounter with the evil clown.

With a cast of relatively unknown young talent, It is bathed in 1980s nostalgia and style – something that the most familiar face in the cast, Finn Wolfhard (Mike, Stranger Things), will be no stranger to. Pennywise also boasts a more traditionally sinister look for the new movie, which hopefully turns out to be more than just a nostalgia trip. The second modern-day part two is due to start filming soon.

James Franco is no stranger to some pretty strange and bizarre roles and concepts. In The Vault he plays a defiant bank manager whose bank is in the process of being robbed. What starts out as a regular heist movie soon twists into something darker and more mysterious as the manager points the robbers to a mysterious vault where the “real money” is. Unbeknownst to them they unleash a terrible evil.

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