Trauma rings clear

Research shows trauma’s strong link to homelessness

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The government will fail in its mission to end homelessness if it does not tackle the underlying trauma suffered by those who experience it, a charity has warned a group of 50 parliamentarians.

Gatehead-based homelessness charity Oasis Community Housing has presented research it commissioned to Northumbria University at a parliamentary event. It revealed that 94 per cent of people facing homelessness have experienced trauma that has left them unable to access help.

The event was hosted by Stephen Timms, vice-chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Ending Homelessness, supported by Homeless Link and attended by the shadow minister for homelessness and rough sleeping, Paula Barker.

The England-wide Trauma and Homelessness research shows that half of people facing homelessness have experienced five or more traumas, such as sexual or domestic abuse, violence, family death or war. The impact was “wide-ranging and devastating” and each trauma increased the risk of mental ill-health, lack of self-care, substance misuse, the inability to concentrate or learn and homelessness. In daily life the impacts of trauma include the capacity to remember to attend appointments.

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