Kucinich: Negotiate to
end Ukraine war

Former US politician urges leaders to get round table

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Dennis Kucinich, a former eight-term American congressman, who led the effort in the US against the war in Iraq and Libya, is urging his country to negotiate with Russia to end the war in Ukraine as quickly as possible.

Close to a year after Russia invaded Ukraine, there have been over 200,000 military casualties and an official total of 6,884 civilian deaths, though in reality the number is likely much higher due to widespread indiscriminate bombing by Russian forces.

Around 6.6 million people have fled, with 3.5 million Ukrainian refugees living in Poland. Millions are also internally displaced. The war looks set to continue.

Kucinich told Big Issue North: “It is a disaster. When this war ends – and they all do – then hundreds of billions of dollars will have been wasted and tens of thousands of innocent people will be dead or badly injured or unable to return home. Rebuilding costs will be astronomical.” 

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