Daniella, Aldi, Southport

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Tell us a bit about yourself.
I am 43 and I have lived near Liverpool for five years and sold Big Issue North since then. 

‘I hope one day that my boys will be able to come and live with me’ 

Why do you sell the magazine?
I sell the magazine to make money to eat. I live alone and I have no other job, no way of making money. I like selling the magazine. I have some very good customers who are very kind to me.

Where are you from?
I am from Romania. I came to England for a better life. At the moment I do not speak English very well. I understand some English but I am nervous about speaking it in front of people. I have brothers who live in England and they help me to get by and translate for me when I need it.

What was life like in Romania?
There is no work in Romania. No money. Things are much better here where there is a chance to make a life.

Do you have any family?
I have two boys but they live in Romania with their father. One boy is ten and the other is nine. I am divorced and when I got divorced the authorities said I could not look after my children because I did not have a job and so they gave my children to my ex-husband. I miss them very much, especially when I have not been able to travel to see them because of the pandemic. I hope one day that they will be able to come and live with me here if I can earn enough money to look after them. 

Was it hard to get by during the lockdowns?
Yes, it was very, very hard. I had no way to make money and I felt very alone.

What makes you happy?
I do not know what makes me happy. I am just trying to get by.

Do you have a message for your customers in Southport?
Thank you for helping me. I always say thank you to people when they buy the magazine.

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