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Touted as the band that old Libertines fans have been waiting for, Palma Violets are all about the on-stage chemistry between dual frontmen Sam Fryar and Chilli Jesson. They play 21 March, Queens Social Club, Leeds.

Much has been made about the relationship between Chilli and Sam – how important is it for creative tensions?
Every band needs a vice and it’s the hardships and difficulties that spawn creativity. That pressure that makes you yearn to express yourself but keep something back as well. The onstage chemistry is a reflection of the emotion that lies within the songs.

Best Of Friends really caught people’s attention. Which song are you most proud of at the moment and why?
It changes from day to day depending on how we feel. The album is a cocktail of singular emotions so each song can address a different feeling.

How much work do you put into your lyrics or is it something that comes more from instinct and then you rarely go back and self-edit?
Sometimes the lyrics are relevant but when we write we mainly focus on the tune and vocal melody. People listen to the melody more than the lyrics so we’ve always found it to be more important.

Having an organ-keyboard sound isn’t always the first thing that people think of when forming a band. Do you see that as something that sets you apart and a bit of a secret weapon?
It’s made the band completely unique in this day and age. Without it I don’t know what we’d be doing.

The video for single Last Of The Summer Wine looked pretty cold and damp so if you could star in any music video, which would it be?
Pixies: Wave Of Mutilation (Pixies never made an official video for this song – Ed).

You’ve already made it on the NME cover and you’ve been tipped by Radio 1 as the next big thing. Are you conscious of keeping a tight rein on the band so that you develop at your own pace?
Did you know that 20 tons of cornflakes passes under Homerton Bridge every day?

Lianne Steinberg

Proof there was only ever rare footage of Pixies Wave Of Mutilation…

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