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Blackpool-based singer-songwriter Rae Morris recently supported Lianne La Havas and Brit Critics’ Choice Award-winner Tom Odell on tour. Her new single From Above is released next month, while the 20-year-old plays a headline show at St Philip’s Church, Salford on 22 March.

What did you learn from touring with Lianne La Havas and Tom Odell? 

So much. It’s been really interesting watching how they are as performers and how they conduct themselves onstage. It’s amazing to see their relationship with their bands and the way that having a few extra people on stage can really enhance everything.

Who are some of your biggest musical influences? 

Mostly female singer songwriters: Kate Bush, Feist, Cat Power and Joanna Newsom. The female voice always gets me every time. I remember when I first heard [Feist’s 2007 album] The Reminder. It totally changed my perspective on music. I didn’t know that that style of music existed.

When can we expect your debut album?  

I’ve been writing the songs for about two and half years now. The songs that I’m playing live are the ones that I want to put on the album. I want it to be a picture of this time in my life. I went into the studio a couple of weeks ago and did the first couple of tracks. It’s really exciting.

Has your home town of Blackpool had an impact on your creative outlook?  

Definitely. I think being from a small town in the north of England, you’re far away from the city and you don’t really have those dreams. Everything seems a little bit far away from your grasp and I was taken by surprise that it was an option to do this.

You share your name with a famous Australian make-up artist. Were you aware of her before launching your music career? 

No. But it’s actually quite good because when you Google Rae Morris it comes up with pictures of beautiful women having their make-up done. So it makes me look better than I am.


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