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Racing Glaciers

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Originating from Macclesfield and now based in Liverpool, Racing Glaciers first came to attention with the release of their acclaimed self-titled debut EP in late 2012. The band’s frontman Tim Monaghan talks to us about the band’s new EP, Ahead Of You Forever, which is out this week. Racing Glaciers play Manchester Ruby Lounge, 19 March, and Leeds Cockpit, 21 March, supporting Dan Croll.

When your debut EP was released it generated a strong online response overnight. Were you taken back by the reaction?   

Completely. We recorded it in the summer holidays between university and we just put it out online. Almost instantly we were getting thousands of plays and various people getting in touch with us. We were all shell-shocked and it’s pretty much been like that ever since.

Who do you count among your principal musical influences?

We all like M83 and Sigur Rós and The National – decent big sounding bands. We’re also in a bit of a Michael Jackson phase at the moment. Thriller-era in particular. It’s the CD that we play most in the van. Every time we drive into London we have to put Thriller on. That’s the band rule.

The lead single from your new EP is entitled New Country. What’s it about?

The meaning is kind of in the name. When we were writing it we were all figuring out what we were going to do with university and moving on to this big step of maybe doing the band full time. So it’s about breaking away from what you are used to and escaping something that you are not quite happy with.

The name Racing Glaciers conjures up mental images of vast natural landscapes. Do you feel that the moniker is an accurate reflection of your music?   

Yes, I think so. A lot of people say that we’re quite big sounding and atmospheric. We’re still just starting to find out who we are as a band. But, yeah, I think our music probably is reflective of that grand sense of nature. The second EP is mostly based around the idea of having to deal with change, but it’s hard to analyse your own music. The best thing is hearing what other people think.

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Racing Glaciers

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