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The Bingley five-piece are fresh from a successful show at Glastonbury. Their new single Captivate You is out now ahead of a September album release and singer Becca Macintyre gets us ready for their Leeds Festival appearance.

You’ve played Leeds Festival before so how is it to be coming back again and what has the experience taught you in terms of winning over the audience?

Playing Leeds and Reading in 2012 was awesome and it’s really cool to come back two years later. It’s always great to play festivals as most of the time you’re playing to a new crowd, getting new fans who discover your band and get what it’s all about.

How is the scene around Bingley? Was it easy to get gigs when you first started out?

Well the scene back when we were 13/14 years old was crazy good. It was different back then and instead of finding a park to drink in, it was let’s go to the 1 In 12 Club and listen to live bands for £3. It wasn’t hard getting shows, as it is for any band starting out. But perseverance and drive will get you there.

Considering there are two sets of siblings in the band, do you provide support for each other?

Well, of course. We are family at the end of the day, going through the same thing. If you don’t do any of that, then the band won’t make it far. We always look after each other.

Do you feel like your lyrics are starting to find a theme or style?
Our lyrics and melody are always improving as we get older and more mature because we have a better understanding of everything. We are always trying to portray different ways of writing to see what works best and exploring other ways to explain things through lyrics.

Do you think that as your songwriting has progressed you have found a way to keep some of the clever bits but also to be more direct?

Yes, we would. We don’t like to categorise ourselves into one genre. We love to reinvent ourselves and be more creative. If we stuck to writing one type of sound it would just get boring. Be creative. Be unique.


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