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New York indie pop five-piece Lucius have been described as the missing link between Arcade Fire and Haim. Founding member and co-frontwoman Jess Wolfe talks about the band’s aesthetic and moreYou and Holly formed the band and the men in the band have changed over time. Is it fair to say the women run the show?

I guess more than anything, the girls are the mama bears. Lucius is our baby and it’s blossomed with the help of everyone we work with.

You style yourselves the same but how similar are you and do you ever crave individuality?

I like to think of Holly and I as the yin and yang.
We need one another to balance the other out. Where she’s strong, I’m weak and vice versa. The visual representation is truly an extension of the sound and not a representation of who we are as individuals.

How important is the band’s aesthetic?

Hopefully it transports you, in some capacity. When you watch a choir sing in matching robes you watch it as you would one person – they sing and perform as one and that’s exactly what we’re doing by dressing alike – taking away the need to put a spotlight on one person and giving you the opportunity to listen to us as one unit.

When you formed you wanted to be a girl group take on the Beatles. Are you excited to play Liverpool?

It is a vital part of our musical upbringing. It will be fantastic to experience that nostalgia in real life.

Why are the 1960s such a heavy influence?

There were a lot of firsts in the field of recording during the 1960s. People were feeling free, wildly creative and innovative. Songwriting was such an art, and it wasn’t necessarily simple – people really cared about what they were saying and how they were saying it. I think we
can only strive to achieve something similar in our own music.

You and Dan (Molad – drums) are married. Do you make sure you get time alone while on tour?

We’re working on it! Our touring schedule is rigorous but when we can squeeze adinnerdateoratriptoa hip museum, we do the best we can.


Lucius play 23 Oct, Brudenell Social Club, Leeds and 24 Oct, O2 Academy, Liverpool

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