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Nottingham indie quintet Amber Run are yet to release their debut album but already have stadium ambitions. Lead singer Joe Keogh talks ahead of their more modest headline tour, which comes to Manchester’s Deaf Institute, 1 Feb and Leeds Brudenell, 5 Feb.

What are your main influences as a band?
The main influences in this band are the possibilities of making 10 albums and going on tour six months a year. Be cool, right? We love writing music and playing live is the best experience I’ve ever had. In terms of musical style I guess it’s reminiscent of acts like Coldplay but you’ll have to listen yourself, I guess, to make your own judgment.

Your music is anthemic. Is your aim to play arenas or do you prefer the intimacy of smaller venues?

I’ll play wherever people want us to play. Smaller venues are great. I love them. But they are all I know properly. I think any musician is lying if they say they don’t fancy playing Wembley or half-time at the Super Bowl. Having that many people listening to something you wrote in a tiny room in Nottingham would be amazing. Saying that, smaller cap venues are a lot of fun – I’m sure the titans of music miss playing them too.

What can we expect from the live shows?
A set of 35-45 minutes of songs that we have written. Felix to wear a fluorescent jumper or other outrageous piece of clothing. Me to swear (I get potty when I’m nervous). Five mates having as good a time as you are.

Your album is due out in the spring. How did you find the recording process?
We loved it. You don’t get to make an album these days without already having released a mass of music so we’re pretty versed in the recording game. But I loved the process. We recorded residentially – so we lived in the album for a month and a half. It was an intense process – in for 10am, out at 1-2am. Diet consisted of coffee and Berocca.

How do you plan to carve out a space for Amber Run among the masses of new music to make sure you’re around for a while?
I don’t know. We’ll keep writing music and playing shows until it’s not possible anymore. There are some real gems in the masses of new music and we are one of them. And everything’s gone to plan this far – so why not? Someone’s got to play these stadium shows. Could be a laugh.


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