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Out this week, solo musician Eaves’s album What Green Feels Like is an emotionally charged debut. He talks to The Big Issue in the North ahead of his first headline tour, which visits his native Leeds and Manchester next week.

What inspired the nine tracks on the album?
Not too many have any direct sentiment – they were more like collections of experiences over periods of my life. When emotion takes over when writing I think you just let it lead. It heightens some senses and numbs others – concentrates feelings in a sense.
Do you find it difficult sharing that with an audience?
Not really. At least not anymore. I get a kick out of playing live and you never really think about what people are latching on to, because some might be into the music, others the words – maybe they won’t like any of it. Live it’s just like unadulterated concentration on performing the songs with honesty. 
How does it feel to prepare for your first headline tour and what have you learnt from the various musicians you’ve supported?
It’s going to be a lot of fun having my friends along performing the music with me, and there’s a couple of grand artists supporting (Lake Komo/Dancing Years) who are good friends too. The artists I’ve supported all have different ways of preparing and performing and there’s a wealth of experience to take from these people if you choose to. Nick Mulvey was a pleasure – his band are beautiful people. He’s a true songwriter and good friend and he knows who he is.
How does it feel to be getting support from the likes of Radio One and XFM?
It’s incredibly kind of them. I never chased that sort of thing so radio to me always seemed kind of unattainable. I never saw where my music would sit in amongst the rest, and you shoot yourself in the foot worryingly trying to figure that out.
Are you a writer before a musician?  
I probably deal with words more simply because I can take my notes anywhere. There are fewer environments available to just pull your guitar out and start writing a song. My local coffee shop would be deeply irritated if I thought that was acceptable.

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