End Credits: Entourage

Plus Mr Holmes

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Fans will be pleased to hear Vinnie and the boys are back. For those of you who have no idea who that is, it’s Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier), central character of Entourage. If you never saw the HBO series there is very likely nothing for you here – it’s a dull, self-engrossed, Hollywood glamour, socialite flick akin to the Sex in the City movies, only with men.

Those not in need of a cultural lobotomy can see the fantastic Sir Ian McKellen as the titular Mr Holmes. As an ageing version of the famous detective he returns from Japan to battle with his diminishing intellect while still trying to piece together his last unsolved mystery. Peaceful bright countryside settings and a graceful performance from McKellen make for a more slow and emotional movie than a sprightly action-packed super sleuth flick, as Holmes has previously portrayed been portrayed.

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