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If you’ve been in or passed Primark, switched on your TV or ventured out of the house at all this past month, you’ll probably be aware of a mass of blue and yellow products and ads. This is down to the Minions, who seem set for global domination. That’s right – Gru’s banana-loving, nonsense-speaking followers from Despicable Me have their own spin-off film. Set before the other movies it follows three minions, Kevin, Stuart and Bob, in their misadventures following villainous leaders. Bright, lively and full of jokes for kids and parents alike, Minions is set to be a fun and entertaining family film.

Ahead of the release of Terminator Genisys (yes, they spell it like that) in July, James Cameron’s 1984 original gets a brief stint back in the cinemas. Helping to launch the career of Cameron and propel Arnold Schwarzenegger to a household name in the titular role, The Terminator is one of the great sci-fi classics. In case somehow you’ve never seen the movie, Schwarzenegger stars as an imposing cyborg sent from the future to kill Sarah Connor, whose son will become the leader of the survivors in a war against the machines. The franchise spawned some questionable sequels, but with Cameron at the helm for the solid first two and giving his approval to the new movie as the true third film, it’s the perfect chance for fans to remind or introduce, themselves to where it all started.

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