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Inside Out

Plus the best from San Diego Comic-Con

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Another surefire hit from 3D animation masters Pixar hits screens this week as Inside Out shows us those little voices in our head. Characterising core emotions as its stars, it treats us to a typically colourful, funny and sensitive movie from the studio. With a strong voice cast of American comedy favourites – including Amy Poehler channelling Leslie Knope as the overly upbeat Joy – Inside Out is a must-watch for the whole family.

Trailers dropped this week for next year’s main events at San Diego Comic-Con, some officially, some not. That includes Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The official trailer, along with a few other teasers for the superhero crossover, give us our first good look at Ben Affleck in the famous cape and cowl.

Still within the Batman universe, we got our first taste of Suicide Squad – a government taskforce made up of DC Comic villains – when a dodgy pirated trailer leaked from the convention. Much to the studio’s reported annoyance it ended up releasing the real thing a few days later, which gave a clearer look at fan favourite Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) and the Joker (Jared Leto). Whether or not they were actually leaked I’m not so sure. The studio seemed suspiciously indignant. While pirating films is illegal and can affect profits and sales, trailers are adverts for films, so why wouldn’t they release them anyway? Seems like a good way to stir up some hype – and it’s worked!

Other trailers from the event included more ‘leaked’ teasers from next X-men film and Marvel’s foulmouthed, fourth-wall-breaking, antihero Deadpool. Other official releases came from Hunger Games and the Star Wars movie gave us some in depth behind the scenes action.

Consider my appetite whet!

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Inside Out

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