End Credits:
The Human Centipede 3

Plus Terminator Genysis, Amy, Ted 2 and Magic Mike XXL

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A smorgasbord of new releases means there’s something for everyone out at the moment.

For action buffs there’s Terminator Genysis. Arnie is back in his signature role in the best outing for SkyNet’s killer robots since 1991’s Terminator 2, joined by top British names like Emilia Clarke and Matt Smith. It may be best in 24 years but it’s still cheesy, and fun.

Those in the mood for something serious will want to catch the acclaimed Amy, an emotional documentary covering the life of the late soul singer Amy Winehouse. Made by the same team behind the fantastic Senna, the film remains objective and serves as a reminder that behind and before the troubles with drink and drugs there was a rare talent.

Ted was a funny film about a foul-mouthed stoner talking teddy bear and his grown-up owner. Ted 2, while having some good moments, is unfortunately a cash-in on previous success – something which is becoming all too common with Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane’s projects.

Another sequel failing to live up to previous offerings is Magic Mike XXL, the follow-up to the surprisingly successful Channing Tatum-inspired male stripper flick. The first offered more story and drama than oily six packs but the sequel is merely a vehicle for baby oil and cherry Lambrini. And finally, for the truly disturbed among you there is The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence) – a terrible and pointless end to the infamously disgusting trilogy.

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The Human Centipede 3

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