End Credits: American Ultra

Plus Bronson

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New action comedy American Ultra is pretty simple, but then what can you expect from a film about a stoner sleeper agent? Taken at face value it’s also pretty enjoyable. When Mike (Jessie Eisenberg), a small town convenience store clerk with a fondness for marijuana, turns out to be a highly trained killer his life is thrown upside down. While fighting for his own life against rival agents he must rely on his required skills to save his captured girlfriend Phoebe (Kristen Stewart). It’s a pretty standard action plot with a stoner twist but good performances from Eisenberg and (shockingly) Stewart wrap it up in a deliverable package.

Back on limited release in cinemas is Bronson, the biopic of the most violent prisoner in Britain, Charles Bronson, which takes some creative licence. If you haven’t already seen the 2009 film – rereleased as the real criminal pleads to come out of solitary confinement this month – expect silly cartoons, stylish suits and not so stylish sunglasses, bare-knuckle boxing, well-groomed moustaches, naked wrestling and more, in this fantastically chaotic biopic.

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