End Credits:
Hitman: Agent 47

Plus Zombie Fight Club

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It’s never wise to expect anything great from video game-to-movie adaptations. There are some exceptions but Hitman: Agent 47 isn’t one of them. In fact it does pretty poorly against even the genre’s weakest offerings. Slick action set pieces can’t save the static dialogue and dull plot, and overall it’s a poorly executed movie that feels like a bloated car commercial.

Absolutely ridiculous, tasteless and yet dumbly entertaining is the Hong Kong action flick Zombie Fight Club, out on limited release. Unashamedly cheesy, gory and jam packed with martial arts, anti-heroes, scantily clad women, drugs and the undead, all washed down with an (un)healthy dose of fake blood, it’s the eastern answer to modern grindhouse.

Mark Wheeler

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Hitman: Agent 47

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