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Based on the events of the 1996 disaster in which several climbers died, Everest is a dramatic and tense movie portraying the dangers facing the people who try to climb the mountain. With gripping performances from a well-respected cast, the sometimes weak script is hidden away and helped along by epic visuals and the impending sense of what may come. Hollywood loves disaster movies, churning out blockbuster global destruction on new scales every year. This often makes it easy to feel detached from the over-the-top chaos shown on screen, but with Everest, the focus on an isolated incident in a location where tragedy strikes all too often brings back that nerve wracking feeling. For a truly unsettling and nauseating – in a good way – experience, team that with an IMAX viewing, if you can, where the dizzying heights of the Himalayas really come to life.

Mark Wheeler

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