End Credits: Legend

Plus Maze Runner: Scorch Trials

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After last week’s re-release of Bronson, Tom Hardy is back portraying more infamous British criminals, this time in the form of both Kray twins in Legend. Taking on the roles of the identical but very different London gangsters Reggie and Ronnie, Hardy shows why he’s the man of choice for roles like this, flexing more than just muscles. Stylishly set in sixties London, a mix of humour, violence and a strong supporting cast make this gangster movie a sure hit.

Continuing last year’s easily dismissed yet quite enjoyable summer blockbuster Maze Runner, sequel The Scorch Trials follows the runners now they are out of the fiendish maze and into a scorched wasteland. It’s not the best post-apocalyptic young adult novel movie – fast becoming a genre of its own – but it’s far from the worst, plus Game of Thrones fans will spot a few familiar faces.

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