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Wolf Alice

Frontwoman Ellie Rothwell talks about heading into the studio with expectations for their debut LP My Love Is Cool

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Having built a buzz around your EP releases, did you have any expectations in mind when heading into the studio to record your debut LP?
I think we tried to not have any expectations at all. We were worried it was perhaps an album people weren’t expecting, having been labelled a grunge band, so we were quite nervous. But we knew we’d done a good job as we were all enjoying the album ourselves.

What significance does Angela Carter’s eponymous short story have for the band?
I like the darkness in her writing, the theme of growing up twisted in to a dark fairytale.

The story is about childhood, and childhood themes are evident in your songs – is My Love is Cool a coming-of-age album?
I think it is quite heavy on the subject, yes – a lot of the lyrics were written just as I finished school, or remembering that age and time and how confusing it was, so yeah.

Why did you choose to title a song about female friendship Bros?
To me it’s just a word you call your friends; I didn’t think much about it. Me and the particular friend I had in mind call each other brothers anyway, cause we used to look like ugly boys.

Are you the main songwriter?
I wrote most of the lyrics but we all have a heavy hand in songwriting. It differs with each song.

The band began as a duo between you and Joff. Do you and he lead the band or has it become a more collaborative effort over time?
It’s a collaborative affair, but we are four very different people so we play different roles and bring different things to the table. Joff and I started playing music under the name Wolf Alice but it was a different project, a different band, with different music.

Are you a more natural songwriter, musician or vocalist?
I like singing and I find it easier than playing an instrument but writing is my true joy.

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Wolf Alice play Sheffield Plug, 22 Sept and Manchester Albert Hall, 25 Sept as part of a wider UK tour.

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