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Kill Your Friends

Plus Scouts' Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse

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Based on John Niven’s acclaimed eponymous novel, Kill Your Friends is a dark and humorous take on the British music industry in the late 1990s. In a fickle industry powered by greed and excess, young A&R man Steven Stelfox (Nicholas Hoult) goes to increasingly extreme lengths to secure his next hit record. Unfortunately, despite Hoult’s convincing performance as the greedy arrogant protagonist, the movie fails to replicate the book’s wit and satire, instead getting lost in American Psycho-esque violence.

Also excessively violent and lacking in snappy wit or satire is Scouts’ Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse. In the increasingly popular genre of apocalyptic comedies, smart pastiches and parodies have already been done to death and it now seems more important to just have fun. With a combination of slapstick, creative homemade weapons and crude humour, Scouts’ Guide is entertaining, at least.

Mark Wheeler

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Kill Your Friends

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