End Credits: Krampus

Plus Victor Frankenstein and Attack On Titan parts 1&2

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Supermarkets have been loaded with festive products for weeks, if not months and the war for most tears shed over an advert has been waged by John Lewis for almost as long, but it’s finally December and thus our first Chrimbo movie of the year. Krampus brings the legendary anti-Santa to the big screen along with a host of twisted holiday icons. This darkly funny horror comedy has all the festive tradition you need, presents, food, spoilt children, family arguments, a drunk uncle and a demonic half goat creature trying to eat you because you’re disillusioned by Christmas.

Speaking of monsters and disillusionment, James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe attempt, but fail miserably, to breathe new life into Mary Shelly’s legend in Victor Frankenstein.

Also, based on the recent hit manga and fantastic anime series of the same name, the atrocious live action adaptation of Attack On Titan parts 1&2 get a thankfully brief stint in cinemas.

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