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After a 10 year hiatus the Ordinary Boys are back, and you better not complain

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Bands like to complain, reminding you that all the free beer and adoring fans are negated by the hours spent in airports and hotel lobbies. Maybe I would have agreed with them once upon a time, but after almost ten years away from my band, there is nothing I would rather do. In the ten years since the Ordinary Boys rummaged in duty free for toothpaste together I have built up a songwriting career, writing music for Olly Murs, The Vamps and John Newman, Charlie has opened a thriving music venue and vintage shop in Cornwall and James has been recording A listers for movies. There are kids and mortgages. So when I made a phone call to Charlie 18 months ago it wasn’t under the illusion that the world needed more Ordinary Boys records, or that I missed performing (that realisation only came once the tour was in motion), it was because I wanted to hang out with my friends, in airports and hotel lobbies, and hold them hostage in the van for 30 days and force them to have a nice time with me.

The Ordinary Boys tour from today with stops in Chester, Stoke, Manchester, Wigan, York and more. Their new album, Four Letter Word, is out now

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