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London-based brotherly duo Lusts performed at Manchester’s Sound Control last Monday evening following the release of their debut album Illuminations. After an exaggerated build-up featuring extensive reverb, the boys finally opened their set with Sometimes.

Initially, you might have been mistaken for thinking that an established four-piece were performing, the duo oozed such substance. Their sound was an enchanting hybrid of Echo & the Bunnymen and New Order.

Lusts’ surrealistic approach was evident throughout all aspects of their performance with bright white flashing lights reflecting their dreamy sound.

The audience seemed awkwardly reserved. The ice was broken when a painfully enthusiastic teenage couple at the front encouraged a disgruntled elderly fellow to dance and a drip of sweat slowly fell down frontman Andy Stone’s forehead as he teased his audience with a couple of strenuous, indie head-bangs. Drummer James Stone was much more quietly confident than his brother and remained deadpan throughout.

Andy’s bleach-blonde locks, ripped jeans and black leather jacket closely resembled the style of Rupert Stansall (one half of the Ruen Brothers). I wonder, if under the same management, these boys will also go on to conquer the US.

The brothers continue to tour the UK and are most looking forward to playing to their home crowd at the Crumblin Cookie in Leicester on Friday. After this they will venture on to perform in European cities.

Starting just 18 months ago, if Lusts continue to experiment and develop at the rate they have been, they may just have a chance to bring to the music scene what Lynch brought to cinema.

Helen Burt

Lust played Sound Control, Manchester, 2 November. See their website for info on further dates and their debut album Illuminations

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