End Credits:
Star Wars:
The Force Awakens

Plus In the Heart of the Sea, Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie and Daddy’s Home

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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past year, you’ll be aware that there’s a new Star Wars film coming out. Shops are full of the merchandise, there’s tie-in and rebranded products galore and a video game that lets you relive your fantasy battles of the original movies. But now, finally Star Wars: The Force Awakens is just days away. Disney has been exceptionally tight-lipped about any big reveals and spoilers, but that hasn’t stopped the crazy and the plausible fan theories. Which, if any, will be true? And why haven’t we seen Luke Skywalker yet? Only time will tell. All we know at the moment is George Lucas has seen it, and approves – but that’s hardly surprising considering the prequels. From trailer snippets it certainly looks impressive, and with JJ Abrams at the helm, with his preference towards practical effects and what he did for the Star Trek movies, my hopes are certainly high.

Understandably, not many movies want to go up against the release of such a box office juggernaut and film releases are a little limited, for once, this festive season. But In the Heart Of The Sea, based on the story that inspired Moby Dick, rises to the challenge. Chris Hemsworth sheds his famous Thor physique to play the first mate on board the ill-fated whaling ship. Dramatic, with some impressive nautical action, yet still a bit wishy-washy, Ron Howard’s high seas adventure is a mixed bag.

Famous pooch Snoopy and his pals have been given a snazzy 3D makeover, updated and fresh, but still managing to keep the charm and feel of the original comics and cartoons. Snoopy And Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie may not enjoy as much nostalgia success this side of the Atlantic, but is still an enjoyable family movie.

Finally Daddy’s Home pits Mark Wahlberg against Will Ferrell in a dad vs stepdad battle for kids’ affections in a typical Ferrell lead comedy.

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Star Wars:
The Force Awakens

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