End credits: Dirty Grandpa; Spotlight

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Robert De Niro stars as the titular horny pensioner on a mission to re-live his youth and loosen up his uptight grandson (Zac Efron) at spring break in Dirty Grandpa. Playing out somewhere near Jackass’s Bad Grandpa movie, without the un-scripted shock of the unsuspecting public and any generic fratboy comedy, Dirty Grandpa walks a fine line between being genuinely funny and sweet, and the cringeworthy male fantasy usually reserved for specialist websites. While certainly not for everyone, a strong handful of familiar faces from recent American sitcoms will bolster its appeal to its target audience.

Telling the true story of a Boston Globe journalist’s investigation into child sexual abuse by Catholic priests, Spotlight is a gripping drama of widespread corruption in the Church and later cover-ups. The film manages to deal tastefully with its difficult subject matter, avoiding sensationalism or taking the condescending moral high ground.

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