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The Southampton goth punks’ Will Gould explains Creeper’s measured approach to music making ahead of their first live tour as a six-piece and the release of The Stranger EP, 19 Feb. They play The Parish, Huddersfield, 25 Feb.

What can the uninitiated expect from Creeper??
Well, we’re often described as a theatrical punk band. I think that’s a pretty good description. It’s punk rock with a flamboyant edge – there’s a certain amount of nostalgia to what we do.

Who are your primary influences?
I suppose with Creeper it’s a mixture of punk bands like The Bouncing Souls, Strike Anywhere, The Ramones, coupled with the theatrics of what we grew up listening to, like David Bowie and Jim Steinman’s records.

Why have you decided to release your The Stranger EP on vinyl but not CD?
I think to a degree we’re returning to a time where people want something tangible to hold when purchasing music. I think vinyl is the perfect medium as the artwork can be so large and the ritual of removing the record from its sleeve and setting up your player to listen to it is timeless. I feel like if people want something less than that, a download code or an iTunes purchase covers that.

Has the change in line-up changed band dynamics or sound??
It certainly hasn’t changed our sound. If anything it’s just solidified everything. Hannah had been playing with us for a long while before she joined and Ollie we’ve known for ages. It’s really just resulted in the best possible line-up for the band.

How are you feeling about your first live shows as a six-piece??
We’re all super-excited to be playing. We’ve technically played as a six-piece for six months, but this will mark the first time it’s official. We cannot wait to be back on stage.

Do you have plans for an LP??
An LP is certainly on the horizon. We take great pride in every aspect of our band being carefully considered though, so it’ll be a process we wont be rushing.

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