End Credits: 10 Cloverfield Lane

Plus Rock the Kasbah

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Shrouded in mystery and a viral marketing campaign that goes deeper than the bunker it’s set in, 10 Cloverfield Lane is the spiritual successor to JJ Abrams’ 2008 POV found footage New York monster romp Cloverfield. You can actually buy real world soda, seen in the film’s trailer, that comes with a few jigsaw puzzle pieces linking to clues about the movie. This is done via a site, said to be that of a company that employed Howard Stambler (John Goodman). His employee profile picture provides a further clue, which leads inquisitive viewers to a cryptic image site with hidden emails to his estranged daughter Megan about an impending attack… Phew, deep breath. Viral clues or not, we still don’t know much about 10 Cloverfield Lane other than what trailers have told us. Howard, a survivalist, has “rescued” Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) from an accident and is keeping her “safe” in his bunker from some unknown terror, but all may not be as it seems and, feeling she’s being held captive, Michelle makes a bid for her escape.

Also making its way to cinemas this week is Rock the Kasbah, a disappointing new comedy starring Bill Murray as a washed-up talent agent. After being ditched by his last remaining client (Zooey Deschanel), on a support-the-troops tour he finds an unexpected star in Afghanistan and takes her to perform on their version of Got Talent.

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