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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Plus Zootropolis

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It doesn’t feel like over two years ago, but back in the summer of 2013 the news that Ben Affleck was to be taking over the role of the caped crusader was met with much criticism from Batfans. Affleck has been slowly proving himself worthy through trailers and previews, and there’s only about a week to go till we can judge for ourselves. Will the movie live up to the hype? Probably. I for one am excited – this is the most comic-accurate version of Batman we’ve seen on the silver screen, ditching the padded breastplates or combat armour. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice takes a lot of inspiration from, but is not a direct adaptation of, Frank Miller’s fantastic The Dark Knight Returns, in which the famous superhero pair also face off. Concerned by the destruction caused in the climactic battle of the most recent Superman reboot Man of Steel, Bruce Wayne/Batman sees Superman and his power as a potential threat to humanity and seeks to combat him. Distracted by their rivalry a greater and true threat arises and the pair must set aside their differences and join forces along with some other familiar characters.

While all movie Batmen have had their place and time (well except Val Kilmer’s) I can’t help but get most excited for this. The 66 Adam West movie is a ridiculously fun camp romp, Michael Keaton-Tim Burton films were quirky and dark big budget Hollywood introductions to grown-up audiences. The Kilmer-Clooney films, while certainly the most flawed, brought the cartoon Batman world to family audiences. Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy with Christian Bale as Batman brought action fans into the fold and, now everyone is a fan of comic book movies, this new movie promises some real fan service.

A new Disney film is out now in which the studio continues its recent return to top animation form. Zootropolis has a story strong enough to entertain adults and children alike. With well-rounded, humanised animal characters this bunny cop movie is a great choice if the weather’s poor this Easter break.

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

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