End Credits: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Plus Angry Birds

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Starring as real life war correspondent Kim Baker – based on her memoirs – Tina Fey brings humour and charisma to her role in Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Dissatisfied with her life in New York she takes a role reporting from Afghanistan. Surrounded by war and sexism she naively throws herself into her work but she soon becomes hardened to the role. It makes for an action packed, funny yet dramatic movie in which Fey demonstrates a serious and vulnerable side.

Flinging themselves on to a screen hundreds of times bigger than they’re usually found on, Angry Birds get catapulted from time wasters to Hollywood stars. With a strong voice cast and slick looking production, maybe the movie can continue the success of the 15-game and merchandise franchise. If films about toy robots that change into cars can spawn five films why can’t an app? Angry Birds could sink like Battleship but surely has to be better than the upcoming Trolls movie. Yes, those fuzzy haired 1990s collectables will have their own movie in November. Bets on Hollywood’s next great idea – Furby? Tamagotchi?

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