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Richard Ormrod of Pan Jumby discusses his memories of Hell’s Angels and LSD, but will their Burton Agnes Jazz & Blues Festival (1-3 July) appearance become a legendary live set?

How would you describe your sound?
Like the party on a tropical island after the tourists have spent all their money and gone home again.

Tell us what you’ve been up to since last summer?
I’ve been setting up a record label with our drummer, called Rebel Roots. Look out for releases.

If you could curate your own festival what would the line-up look like with artists dead or alive?
Instead of artists I would collect the most legendary live sets in the history of music, have them playing back to back on two stages for as long as we all could stand it.

What’s your best festival memory?
As a child in 1978, sat watching a whole troop of Hell’s Angels on LSD wearing kaleidoscopic spectacles ride round and round my tent. I don’t think that happens as much nowadays.

What’s in your festival survival kit?
A kite.

Apart from music, what should the ideal festival have?
Food from everywhere – that bit has improved. And people from everywhere too.

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