End Credits: The Boss, Where To Invade Next

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Melissa McCarthy’s been engaged in defending the upcoming Ghostbusters movie from a backlash by online trolls, so she may be thankful her latest movie The Boss slips past quietly in the background. She gives her all as successful businesswoman Michelle Darnell, a female Donald Trump with Sharon Osborne’s hair. But when she loses her fortune and tries once again to rise to the top, it’s hard to root for a character with all the traits of annoying self-important and rich reality TV celebrities. Despite her best efforts McCarthy can’t save this movie from a poorly strung together plot, sub-par jokes and unlikeable characters.

After a quiet few years Michael Moore returns with Where To Invade Next to rally the troops and rattle the cages of the type of people our last movie was trying to parody. “The American dream seemed to be alive and well in everywhere but America,” he says as he travels the world invading countries with things the US could really do with. Paid holidays, prisons, sex education, healthcare – so much is touched on in Moore’s humorous way. He confuses Slovenian students with the idea of student debt. German school kids react in horror as he shows them what their American counterparts get for lunch. Unfortunately it’s a little overly idealist. It’s meant as a wake-up call to the American people but with the Brexit referendum looming and many politicians desiring to be like our transatlantic friends there are certainly many things we can take on board.

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