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Back To The Planet

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Formed while squatting together in Peckham in 1989, Back to the Planet’s brand of anarcho-punk attracted a sizeable following throughout the early 1990s. Fresh from playing at Manchester’s Gigantic Indie All-Dayer, Fil Walters from the band talks festivals.

Tell us what you’ve been up to since last summer? 
Since last summer we have been busy writing a new four track EP and making a video for it, which will be coming out at the end of September.

How would you describe your sound? 
Our sound is a mix of dub, ska and punk with a teeny bit of electronics thrown in

Who else were you excited to see at Gigantic? 
Credit to the Nation and Bentley Rhythm Ace

If you could curate your own festival what would the line-up look like with artists dead or alive? 
This is too hard to answer as the list is too long – the festival would need to go on for a year at least!

What’s your best festival memory?
Best festival memory is seeing the hugest crowd at Glastonbury and absolutely bricking it.

What’s in your festival survival kit?   
Wet wipes.

Apart from music, what should the ideal festival have?
Lots of smiley people and to be free to get in.

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Back To The Planet

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