End Credits: Ghostbusters

Plus Ice Age: Collision Course

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Having already been subjected to plenty of sexism prior to release, the female-fronted Ghostbusters reboot finally gets a chance to fight back. The original movie is no doubt a classic, but since when has that stopped Hollywood starting over? Let’s be thankful it’s a 30-year-old movie and not a franchise regurgitated within five or six years. Much like the original, the movie is fronted by A-list comedy talent, as the plucky parapsychologists who take it upon themselves to save the world from paranormal threat. Stars Melissa McCarthy and Kirsten Wiig already have strong history together and with director Paul Feig – who bears an unfortunate resemblance to human impersonator Michael Gove. So with its strong comedic cast and director, acknowledgement of the source material, updated special effects and buckets of slime, the backlash seems unwarranted. The only thing that has been clearly butchered thus far is Fall Out Boy’s horrific version of the original theme song.

Back for its fifth full-length instalment, Ice Age: Collision Course follows the continuing travels of Manny, Sid and Diego. Once again set in motion by the acorn-obsessed Scrat, the trio face yet another cataclysmic extinction event. It’s safe to expect a fun family adventure with enough action and jokes to keep both kids and adults entertained.

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