End Credits: The Legend of Tarzan, Now You See Me 2

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Having left the jungle eight years ago to live in London as John Clayton, with his wife Jane, Tarzan is called home to Congo to be an unwitting pawn in a mining dispute. A beefed-up Alexander Skarsgård is our titular jungle man, with Margot Robbie as his beloved Jane. Christoph Waltz plays the gentlemanly bad guy we’ve become accustomed to. The strong cast is spurred on by slick action in an interesting new take on The Legend of Tarzan.

Magic heist movie sequel Now You See Me 2 brings back the illusion-filled twists and turns of the original, along with the majority of its cast plus a few new faces. Having been let into the secretive ancient organisation the Eye at the end of the first movie, the Four Horsemen await their next instructions, but even with some curtains lifted and smoke and mirrors blown away, things aren’t what they seem. Like a good magic trick, the first movie distracts the audiences attention from what’s really going on before the final big pay-off. The only problem is, while still a fun journey, it’s all a bit of a longwinded, improbable and confusing set-up. Ultimately the sequel is just a variation of the same trick.

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